Lab Members

Soyanni Holness – Postdoc
I joined the lab in Summer 2023. My research interests strive to uncover how increasing CO2 levels impact nitrogen-photosynthesis gene regulatory networks ( what is this Pokémon?). We are hunting these networks in various vegetable and oil crops, and I’m specifically seeking for these networks in Pennycress and Camelina species. When am not chasing gene Pokémons, I enjoy travelling, meeting people from across the globe, hiking, reading, conquering fears and inspiring youths into science and agriculture.

Kithmee De Silva – Ph.D. Student

I joined the lab in Spring 2022. My research involves untangling gene regulatory networks to decipher how plants sense and harmoniously integrate light, nitrogen, and carbon signals to orchestrate the mesmerizing dance of photosynthesis using the dicot model plant, Arabidopsis.

Yuchen Wang – Ph.D. Student

I joined the lab August, 2023. My research aims to uncover the critical transcription factors governing gene expression in response to nitrogen availability and CO2 levels in various legume species. We utilize both molecular techniques and computer programs to decipher the regulatory networks connecting nitrogen metabolism and CO2 sensing.

Michelle McReynolds – Undergraduate

I am a senior in the MCB department, and joined the lab in March 2023. My research focuses on M. truncatula and common snap bean to investigate their physiological response under various environmental conditions. Specifically, nitrogen usage and carbon fixation are major parameters I use to study important transcription factors in these speices.

Lab Photos